Men's Pennants

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2020 Finals Venue

Premiership 1       Venues 1st Tee Time Finals Winner
Titirangi vs Remuera   Maungakiekie 7:30 1st Titirangi Titirangi
Whitford Park vs Akarana   Maungakiekie 7:30 10th Akarana
Maungakiekie vs RAGGC 5th vs 6th  Windross Farm 10:02 Maungakiekie 
Pukekohe vs Pakuranga 7th vs 8th  Windross Farm 9:30 Pakuranga 
Premiership 2       Venues 1st Tee Time Finals Winner
Onewhero vs Waiuku   Akarana 7:30 10th Waiuku  Howick
Howick  vs Windross Farm   Akarana 7:30 1st Howick  
Clarks Beach vs Chamberlain Park 5th vs 6th  Pakuranga 8:05  Chamberlain Park
Maramarua vs Wattle Downs 7th vs 8th  Pakuranga 8:33 Wattle Downs 
Championship 1       Venues 1st Tee Time Finals Winner
Remuera vs Windross Farm   Titirangi 7:30 8th  Remuera Remuera
Akarana vs Whitford Park   Titirangi 8:10 8th Whitford Park
Titirangi vs Maungakiekie   no match Maungakiekie  
RAGGC vs        
Championship 2           Finals Winner
Whitford Park vs Titirangi   Akarana 8:02 (10TH) Whitford Park  Titirangi (2)
Titirangi (2) vs Pukekohe   Akarana 8:02 (1ST) Titirangi (2)  
Pakuranga  vs Remuera 5th vs 6th  Howick 8:40  Pakuranga
Akarana vs Chamberlain Park 7th vs 8th  Howick 8:00 Akarana 
INTERCLUB I           Finals Winner
Titirangi vs Maungakiekie   Remuera 7:30 1st Maungakiekie Maungakiekie
Pukekohe vs Akarana   Remuera 7:30 10th  Akarana
Onewhero vs RAGGC 5th vs 6th  Clarks Beach 10:34 RAGGC 
Chamberlain Park vs Whitford Park 7th vs 8th  Clarks Beach 10:02 Whitford Park 
INTERCLUB II           Finals Winner
Clarks Beach vs Waiuku   Akarana tbc Clarks Beach Clarks Beach
Remuera vs Pakuranga   Akarana tbc Pakuranga
Howick vs Formosa 5th vs 6th  Pukekohe 8:20 10th  Howick 
Wattle Downs  vs Maramarua 7th vs 8th  Pukekohe 8:20 1st  Wattle Downs 
INTERCLUB III           Finals Winner
Akarana vs Pukekohe   Formosa 8:00 Pukekohe Remuera
RAGGC vs Remuera   Formosa 8:40 Remuera
Windross Farm vs Maungakiekie 5th vs 6th  Wattle Downs 7:32am Maungakiekie 
Whitford Park vs Titirangi 7th vs 8th  Wattle Downs 8:12am   Titirangi