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Premiership 2
Conference A Conference B


Windross Farm 33.5
Howick  27 Waiuku 28.5
Clarks Beach 23 Chamberlain Park 22.5
Maramarua 18.5 Wattle Downs 11.5
  Home  Away

2-Feb Howick   6.5-1.5 Maramarua
Onewhero  4.5-3.5 Clarks Beach
Windross Farm   8-0 Wattle Downs
Waiuku   6-2 Chamberlain Park 
Home Away
9-Feb Clarks Beach   4.5-3.5 Howick
Maramarua   4-4 Onewhero
Chamberlain Park  2-6 Windross Farm
Wattle Downs   3-5 Waiuku
Home Away
16-Feb Howick   4.5-3.5 Onewhero
Clarks Beach   3.5-4.5 Maramarua
Windross Farm   3-5 Waiuku
Chamberlain Park  7-1 Wattle Downs
Home Away
23-Feb Maramarua   2.5-5.5 Clarks Beach
Onewhero 5-3 Howick
Wattle Downs 3-5 Chamberlain Park
Waiuku   2-6 Windross Farm 
Home Away
1-Mar Maramarua   4.5-3.5 Howick
Clarks Beach   4-4 Onewhero
Wattle Downs   4-4 Windross Farm
Chamberlain Park  5-3 Waiuku
Home Away
8-Mar Howick   6-2 Clarks Beach
Onewhero 6.5-1.5 Maramarua
Windross Farm   6.5-1.5 Chamberlain Park
Waiuku   7.5-0.5 Wattle Downs 
      **Tee times subject to change    
22-Mar am Semi-finals  5th vs 6th 7th vs 8th 
    pm Finals  3rd vs 4th