Championship 1
    Conference A   Conference B  
     Formosa   Titirangi  
    Akarana   Whitford Park  
    Maungakiekie   RAGGC  
    Windross Farm   Remuera  
Round Conference A   Conference B 
(Home team first) (Home team first)
2-Feb Formosa vs
Windross Farm
Akarana vs Maungakiekie    Remuera vs Titirangi Whitford Park vs RAGGC
9-Feb Maungakiekie vs Formosa Windross Farm vs Akarana   RAGGC vs Remuera Titirangi vs Whitford Park
16-Feb Formosa vs Akarana Maungakiekie vs Windross Farm   Remuera vs Whitford Park RAGGC vs Titirangi
23-Feb Windross Farm vs Maungakiekie Akarana vs Formosa   Titirangi vs RAGGC Whitford Park vs Remuera
1-Mar Windross Farm vs Formosa Maungakiekie vs Akarana   Titirangi vs Remuera RAGGC vs
Whitford Park
8-Mar Formosa vs Maungakiekie Akarana vs
Windross Farm
  Remuera vs RAGGC Whitford Park vs Titirangi
22 Mar – am 1st  Conf A vs
nd  Conf B
1st  Conf B vs 2nd  Conf A Neutral 3rd Conf A vs
rd Conf B
4th  Conf B vs
th  Conf A
22 Mar – pm  winners play losers play venues  
1st and 2nd 3rd and 4th