9 Hole Golf Auckland

  • The Auckland 9 Hole District Tournament was held at Remuera Golf Club on Monday, 22 March 2021.
  • The 9 Hole District Tournament was held at the Remuera Golf Club on Monday, 22 March 2021
  • New Zealand Golf introduced 9 Hole golf in 1998 as a means to assist women and girls to play golf under less time pressure and fit around their busy lives. Their thinking was well founded and there are now hundreds of female 9 Hole golfers in Auckland.

    Auckland Golf holds an annual district 9 Hole tournament which is very popular.

    The benefits of 9 Hole golf include: official 9 Hole handicap, the opportunity to play in competitions, friendship, fun, enjoyment, meeting new people, fitness and health.

    A good reason for joining is that you may prefer the short format because you have business & family commitments.

    For the new golfer it is a good way to start with other beginners.

    If you have always wanted to play golf and had no idea how to get started, then 9 Hole golf is for you. Contact your nearest club for details.

    Clarks Beach

    Maxwells Golf Retreat
    Waiheke Island
    Wattle Downs
    Whitford Park
    Windross Farm