Bissett Shield

  Semi finals

3rd v 3rd & 4th v 4th @ Clarks Beach
Akarana lost to Pakuranga
Pukekohe  5-3 Howick 

Conference A  points Conference B




Remuera 35
Whitford Park 28.5 Titirangi 24.5
Akarana 20 Pakuranga 21.5
Pukekohe 15.5 Howick


23-Jan Whitford Park 7-1 Pukekohe   Titirangi 5.5-2.5 Pakuranga
RAGGC 5-3 Akarana   Howick 1-7 Remuera
13-Feb Whitford Park 5-3 Akarana   Titirangi 4.5-3.5 Howick
Pukekohe 4-4 RAGGC   Pakuranga 1.5-6.5 Remuera
20-Feb RAGGC 6.5-1.5 Whitford Park   Remuera 5-3 Titirangi
Akarana 5.5-2.5 Pukekohe   Howick 6-2 Pakuranga
27-Feb Pukekohe 4-4 Whitford Park   Pakuranga 6-2 Titirangi
Akarana 1.5-6.5 RAGGC   Remuera 7.5-0.5 Howick
6-Mar Whitford Park 5-3 RAGGC   Titirangi 4.5-3.5 Remuera
Pukekohe 3-5 Akarana   Pakuranga 7-1 Howick
13-Mar Akarana 2-6 Whitford Park   Howick 3-5 Titirangi
RAGGC 7-1 Pukekohe   Remuera 5.5-2.5 Pakuranga


20-Mar 3rd Conf A vs 3rd Conf B
4th  Conf B vs 4th  Conf A
(Venue: Clarks Beach)
 Venue: Clarks Beach
27-Mar am      1st  Conf A vs 2nd  Conf B
am    1st  Conf B vs 2nd  Conf A


(Windross Farm if RAGGC are playing)

PM: winners play 1st and 2nd