Life Members

Sue Bunt 
Judy Hayhow 
Ken Hankin 
Peter Thomas 
Peter Davie
Jane Williams
Tom Sinclair

Jane joined Women’s Golf Auckland in October 2002.

Her role was on the Handicapping & Course Rating sub Committee as assistant to Jill Carter in 2002 and then Irene Whiteman who was Convenor in 2003.   When Irene resigned in November 2003, Jane took over the role and has been Handicapping & Course Rating Convenor since that date.

Over the past sixteen years, Jane has supported eight Women Presidents in her role as Convenor and continues  to support clubs in the rating of their courses.  Previously we had 23 but now 21 clubs in the District that covers from Titirangi to Onewhero and across to Awhitu. These courses have been rated every 5-10 years, depending on rounds played each year.

The role of course rating is very  time consuming both on and off the course. Once the on course work is completed, many hours of paperwork are required to register the results with NZ Golf.  Over the past sixteen years, Jane has adapted to many changes in the  rating process, needing to upskill herself and her committee.

With a World Handicapping System being introduced next year, Jane will undertake further studies to bring six existing handicapping authorities into one and to assist clubs and players to lessen the impact of a new handicap system.  

Jane continues to share her knowledge and experience of golf in general with the Women’s Management Committee, enhancing the service Auckland Golf provides to women’s golf in Auckland. She continues to attend and assists with the running of  Auckland District women’s events and pennant fixtures as an AGI representative.

We are privileged to have Jane Williams on our Women’s Management Committee and recognise her commitment to Auckland Golf with Life Membership.

Tom Sinclair

Tom has been involved with golf since his schoolboy days as a member of Kings College which was affiliated to the Auckland Golf Club.

Later he was a member of the following golf clubs from 1972 - Pakuranga, Howick, Taupo and RAGGC.

While beginning his career as a physical education specialist at Kings School, Tom spent most of his spare time as coach/manager of Auckland age group representative cricket and rugby teams. He moved to the College to teach for a period of 14 years during which time he was able to act as mentor to many of the college’s developing golfers. He returned to King’s School as Deputy Principal and found time to become a rugby referee and to return to playing membership of Auckland GC.

In 1996 Tom was employed by the Auckland Golf club, initially as Secretary-Manager before becoming the golf manager. He was with the club through its name changes from Auckland, to Royal Auckland and finally to its present day RAGGC.

In 2016, Tom joined the AGI team as Vice-President and a year later became the President of the District. Having to step down in 2018, for health reasons was difficult for Tom and in 2019 he returned to the men’s committee as a junior selector and junior boys’ team manager for the winning junior interprovincial team. Tom was also tournament controller for the Auckland Stroke Play, Men’s Masters and Match Play events for that year.

Tom retired from all posts halfway through this year but continues to share his knowledge and experience of golf in general with the CEO and junior managers.