Services to Members

Auckland Golf provides the following services:

Information Services:

  • Two monthly Board Meetings
  • Monthly Management Meetings
  • At least six monthly Delegates Meetings
  • Golf Newsletter
  • Annual Handbook
  • Website
  • Annual Report

Administration Assistance:

  • Sourcing information on request
  • Meetings – Individually with Clubs on request
  • Daily advice when required

Promotion of Golf:

  • Monthly article in the New Zealand Golf Magazine
  • Website – link to Club’s websites

Junior Services:

  • Junior Plus Clubs
  • Training volunteer coaches
  • Talent Identification Days
  • Kiwi Golf
  • Junior Tournaments
  • Junior Development Squads
  • Schools League


  • Rules queries
  • Funding applications
  • Handicapping
  • Assisting Club Managers and Administrators


  • New Zealand Golf
  • Districts

Course Rating:

  • Three/four yearly rating of all golf courses
  • One off requests


  • Access funding from:
    • Charitable Trusts
    • Sponsorship
    • Grants

Pennants and District Tournaments:

  • Administration of Men’s, Women’s and Youth Pennants (refer Pennants and Junior sections of website)
  • Administration of Men’s, Women’s and Junior Auckland Golf tournaments (refer Tournaments and Junior sections of website)
  • Administration of tournaments on behalf of NZ Golf

Representative Golf:

  • Organize and attend representative matches (refer Representative and Junior sections of website)
  • Select and manage teams
  • Host representative matches
  • Arrange travel and accommodation
  • Provide uniforms and equipment

Player Development:

  • Talent Identification Days (Boys and Girls)
  • Development Squads 
    Girls Coaching (3 Squads) 
    Boys Coaching (5 Squads)
  • Arrange and attend seminars for Squads (Nutrition, Mental application, Course Management, etc.)
  • Arrange and attend NZ Golf District Coaching School
  • Assist players with coaching, travel and accommodation, tournaments