April Volunteer of the Month

April Volunteer of the Month

Not just content with being a top golfer, Brigit Holford (an Auckland Golf representative since 1996) also spends a lot of her time volunteering at the Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club (RAGGC).

As the Volunteer co-coordinator, Brigit has spent the past 5 years assisting the green keeping staff and helping to improve the club’s environmentally sustainable approach.


‘The Agronomy team feel very proud to have Brigit helping with our team’ Director of Agronomy at RAGGC, Mark Hooker says, ‘Her commitment to our initiatives on the course has been infectious and we now have 11 regular members carrying out a range of duties around the property.


While undertaking a build of the new 27-hole course, RAGGC have also focussed on implementing sustainable practices for the environment including:

  • An active pest control programme that member volunteers help manage.
  • Planting of native trees over the past 3 years
  • We have hybrid and electric mowers on site
  • Wetland biodiversity areas around the golf course
  • And plenty more.


The tree-planting project that began three years ago stands out as particularly important work that Brigit helped co-ordinate. She takes pleasure in seeing the growth of the trees every time she is out playing and working on to the course.


‘Having Brigit’s help enables our qualified greenstaff the ability to focus on turf management projects saving us time and ultimately improving our productivity’ Mr Hooker continues.


Congratulations Brigit, as Auckland Golf’s Volunteer of the Month you receive a Winger certificate and ‘Winger’ branded Vollē Golf golf balls.

Posted: Fri 29 Apr 2022