Remuera #1 team wins the women's Betty Faesen Competition

Congratulations to the REMUERA #1 team for winning the prestigious Betty Faesen competition.

Our sincere thanks also to the Royal Auckland & Grange GC for hosting this event. There is tremendous talent in all the Betty Faesen players. They had their work cut out for them today in the final round with the wind and cold weather.


Winner:  Remuera No. #1 team (39 points)
               (The team today - Grace Jung, Kelly Wu, Aileen Du and Hannah Murchison. Cherie                       Young has also played for this team during the round robin.)

Royal Auckland & Grange (34 points)
Titirangi (30 points)
Remuera #2 (29 points)
Whitford Park (27 points)
Pakuranga (24 points)
Akarana (23 points)
Maungakiekie (18 points)

Posted: Sunday 23 May 2021