Last Weekend of the Mens Pennants Round Robin


Titirangi 26.5 Remuera  25
Whitford Park 23.5 RAGGC 24.5
Howick 16 Akarana 20
Maungakiekie 14 Pakuranga 10.5

Match ups to watch out for:

Maungakiekie host Howick and a win by more than 2 matches will put them out of the relegation zone and drop Howick down to play for relegation. This match was tied 4-4 when they played at Howick. 

Remuera host RAGGC and with just 0.5 points in it a win to RAGGC by even half a point will give them the top spot as they will win the tie break.

It will also be interesting to watch Akarana play against Pakuranga. Should they win big and Remuera or RAGGC lose big, they could sneak into the play-offs

Head to Head match-ups we're keen to see:

Undefeated Raj Goundon (Akarana) playing Auckland Junior Rep Henry Wang (Pakuranga)

Cam Harlock (RAGGC) and Robby Turnbull (Remuera) both representing their teams at #1 and neither have lost yet this year. 


Pukekohe 32 Windross Farm 26
Onewhero 21 Chamberlain Park 


Clarks Beach


Maramarua 18.5


Waiuku  16

Match ups to watch out for:

Last year's relegated team Pukekohe have been very strong this year but the real talking point has been how close Conference B has been. Windross Farm have come out on top and Maramarua would have to win 8-0 (at Windross Farm) to overtake them. However, with just 1 point between Maramarua and second place Chamberlain Park (who play at Waiuku) there are any number of outcomes that could occur. It's great to have all four teams still in contention at the last week of the round robin. 

In Conference A, Onewhero have been very strong at home so it would take a gallant effort for Clarks Beach (who play at Pukekohe) to overtake them into second spot and therefore the play-offs. 

Head to Head match-ups we're keen to see:

It's always tough at #1 as Craig Chambers (Waiuku) has found out with 2 halves and a loss this season. He comes up against Matt "Captain Mayhem" Mahy who has been strong at #1 all season for Chamberlain Park. The last time these 2 played, they halved the match. 

Championship 1



Pukekohe  20.5 Titirangi   22.5
Windross Farm  20.5 Whitford Park 21
Maungakiekie 11.5  Akarana  13.5

Match ups to watch out for:

A hotly contested Division this one. Conference B has just 2 points between the top 3 teams and with Whitford Park hosting Titirangi, this match up will go a long way to deciding the outcomes and placings for the play-offs. Akarana host RAGGC which is intriguing as the match was a close one the last time the 2 teams met with RAGGC winning 5-3. 

In Conference A the match between Windross Farm (host) and Pukekohe will decide the second team to go through to the play-offs. Pukekohe won the last match up 5-3 so therefore own the tie break should this weekends match finish 4-4.

Head to Head match-ups we're keen to see:

Whitford Park Captain Ravi Rajan (#5 this week) has had a good season and is one of only 2 Whitford players to have played all four matches in this division this season. He'll have his hand full with Auckland Masters rep James Gardiner. 

Windross Farm have only used 10 players all season and again have that consistency going into this weeks round. Steve Sutton has been an anchor at #8 and will face Marc Williams who has hd a win and a half this season. 

Championship 2

Whitford Park 24.5 Titirangi  28.5


Pakuranga 18.5
Titirangi (2) 14.5 Akarana 15.5

Match ups to watch out for:

With Titirangi secure in top spot for Conference B, it will come down to Pakuranga and Akarana to see who will finish in the 2nd spot. Akarana host Pakuranga and will have to win 6-2 to overtake them for second spot.

The Remuera vs Whitford Park will be interesting as Remuera will want to secure enough wins to ensure that Titirangi (2) doesn't catch them. 

Head to Head match-ups we're keen to see:

Toga Laulu (Akarana) has played the last two rounds and won them both, he'll come up against Kim McNeilly who has played in all 4 matches for Pakuranga. it'll be a great match up between the #2s.

The undefeated #1s for Whitford Park and Remuera should be a cracker. Brett Geyer (Remuera) like to take it down to the wire with all four matches going down to the 17th or 18th, while Cam Neal has had 2 strong wins this season. This is Cam's first time at #1 however. 

stay tune for the InterClub analysis

Posted: Friday 12 March 2021