AGI now looking for Board Member Nominations

AGI now looking for Board Member Nominations

There is one position available for 2021 (starting Nov 2020) for a 2 year period.
Directors are eligible for re-election, up to a maximum consecutive period of 8 years.
Nominations close 1 October 2020 

For further information on nominations, position descriptions, duties, closing
dates etc visit: 

Or contact Jacob Cameron (CEO)
(09) 218 6323

All nominations must be addressed to the CEO, and e-mailed to

(1) In writing on club letterhead;

(2) Accompanied by the nominee’s curriculum vitae and any other information supplied by the nominee (not in total exceeding one side of an A4 sheet of paper);

(3) Signed on behalf of the Club;

(4) Certified by the nominee expressing a willingness to accept a position as an Officer or Director.

Posted: Tuesday 18 August 2020