College Sport Ambrose Tournament held at Chamberlain Park

Secondary school pupils from all over Auckland will get to play at one of Auckland’s most popular local golf courses, Chamberlain Park.

The 18-hole public course in Mt Albert will host a College Sport Auckland event this Monday – the 25th of November. Some 45 players (both boys and girls) aged between 13 to 15 years from 12 different Auckland high schools will take part in the tournament.

 Jacob Cameron, the CEO of Auckland Golf, says Chamberlain Park is the place where many Aucklanders get their start to the game. “We are pleased to have included Chamberlain in this year’s programme. We view  Chamberlain Park as an entry level facility so it is ideal for these young players, who are also potential new golfers, to get their first taste of golf on this course. As a public golf course Chamberlain Park also provides an ideal environment for those wanting to continue with the sport.”

Save Chamberlain Park has helped with sponsorship of this event. Founding member and men’s club treasurer Richard Quince said Chamberlain Park has a long history of bringing young people through the sport. Vic Pirihi has been teaching kids on the weekends for 30 years. Among those who got there start at Chamberlain and have gone onto success in the sport are: Phillis Meti, Josh Geary, Wenyung Keh, Munchin Key, Vivian Lu and Eunseo Choi. 

Today Chamberlain Park is one of the busiest golf courses in the country with more than 63,000 rounds played in the past 12 month generating a net surplus of $340,000. It is one of only two public golf courses servicing the entire Auckland region. With its rolling and generous fairways the park is not only popular for beginners but also for the elderly. Chamberlain Park also offers the opportunity to play golf to those who might not be able to afford, or justify the expenditure, to join a private club. Because the course is built on basalt rock it drains very well and therefore has the reputation of never closing. So Chamberlain Park is also a backup course when others close due to bad weather or because of general maintenance.

Posted: Fri 22 Nov 2019